Together we sail is a partnership between key organisations; Not1More, Permaculture Action Mentors, VoyageVert, Fair Ferry. We are facilitating an Ocean Crossing Flotilla from Portugal to Brazil in Autumn 2025. We are bringing together key stakeholders such as scientists, delegates, activists, organisers, sailors and story tellers to support the indigenous communities of Brazil to be heard in this climate summit.

Although the COP is about climate legislation, important voices are not welcomed or included. The COP has a complicated infrastructure that can lock people out, at a time where these communities most need to be heard. We speak to the combined issues of intersectionality, bringing greater diversity diversity, amplifying unheard voices, and tackling social challenges, we see around the COP.

We are offering sailing transport to tackle the urgent need for a different approach to long-distance travel. COP28 in Dubai in 2023 had over 70,000 delegates, all of whom travelled by polluting air travel. We are normalising sustainable solutions, and the benefits of slow travel which need to become more accessible to create more harmony and sustainability on a disrupted planet.

Whilst aboard Together We Sail will host in depth workshops and build capacity towards making our COP messaging inclusive to diverse stakeholders. We will sail in a facilitated, held, safe space where there will be opportunity to plan, discuss and enjoy our sustainable travel choice into the mouth of the Amazon River.

Climate justice means opening avenues of engagement but in order for this to be meaningful; we aim to help build capacity for those who are not able to be engaged (or welcomed) in the UNFCCC machinery. In order that they might be better able to deliver more relevant and impactful interventions within the UNFCCC space. These people include indigenous front-line defenders, communities living in the shadows of capitalist extraction and those with essential skills and wisdom to create real grounded social change.