Together We Sail

Together We Sail will go beyond plotting a sustainable route from Europe to the UNFCCC COP 30 in Brazil. Our journey speaks to the essential integration of sustainable travel and intersectional communities whilst supporting a diverse range of frontline voices which must be heard at these climate negotiations.

This project promotes and links sustainability, intercontinental travel, activism and a revolution in how we can work, live and travel together. We are creating a groundbreaking and inspiring example of how we can travel to global climate summits, how we can enable the most relevant, yet often excluded communities to be involved essentially in these conversations.

Our impact at COP30: We bring together key stakeholders in a novel and disruptive situation available nowhere else but on a ship, mid-Ocean.

Whether you are an elected member of a government, an NGO delegate, or a front-line activist you are very welcome aboard any one of the ships leaving Lisbon early October 2025 bound for a 3-4 week crossing to COP30 in Belem, Brazil.